Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I visited a professional printing shop in London last week ‘The Print Space’ (www.theprintspace). Not only was it beneficial viewing the various papers available for final prints, but we also had the opportunity to look behind-the-scenes at the two different kinds of printers that they have Giclee and C-type. At Print Space you’re able to rent out a small room to check your images before printing, each of the monitors are calibrated weekly to ensure that every image printed is consistent with its colourings. From their websites there is a link to download print profiles for each paper type so that you are able to soft proof images in Photoshop at home.

They kindly let us print an image so we could see for ourselves the quality of their products. When I got home I compared to the printed version to the image on my monitor. I realised that the colour balance of my monitor was way out. I think my monitor must’ve realised I wasn’t happy with it, as the next day, it decided to stop working altogether! I was able to borrow one, only the colours on this were even worse. As I have only just bought a Canon 7D mk ii last week, my budget is a bit tight for a new monitor so I made compromise and bought a Spyder 4 Express. This calibrating software was extremely easy-to-use and only took about four minutes to turn my rather pink toned monitor into a bright crisp well-balanced screen. Hopefully this will enable me to get what I see on screen will be the same as what is printed.

My FMP project is going well, I feel like I have turned a corner and I am more focused on what I’m attempting to achieve. The feedback that I have received so far has been promising and I feel like finally my work is becoming to become a ‘style’ of my own, rather than that of copying or imitating others work. This is mainly due to the fact that I now have a strong idea behind the images, described as ‘totemism’ between horse and rider.

There is particularly one image so far that has raised quite a few positive comments and that is the image below. There is a tribal edge and togetherness in this image of the two souls becoming one.

Since this image was taken I have a few more ideas that I’d like to implement, so tomorrow I am reshooting this model and her horse. Hopefully I’ll be able to use some further poetic images for my FMP.


Michelle x

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